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    Nurses apply scientific knowledge to caring for people. Today’s nurse sets health care strategy, provides health advice and works with a team of professionals to determine the best patient care.

    Even though nurses work with the latest technology, a patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing always comes first.


    During their four-year university education, nurses learn many valuable skills that can help in all areas of life. They learn leadership, how to work effectively with people, how to handle themselves in an emergency and critical thinking.

    These skills help nurses excel, not just in their career, but in all areas of life.


    UCQ is the only university in Qatar with an exclusive focus on nursing. We offer both a Bachelor of Nursing degree and a Master of Nursing which are issued from the University of Calgary - a top Canadian university.

    Bachelor of Nursing

    Our four-year Bachelor of Nursing is open both to qualified high school graduates and to working nurses with a diploma in nursing from a recognized educational institute.

    Master of Nursing

    Qatar’s need for nursing leaders at the highest levels, which is why UCQ offers our coveted Master of Nursing degree. Our masters programs focus on oncology and nursing leadership.

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