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UCQ Basics

Why do you need a UCQ student ID card?

  • Access to library resources
  • Identification in clinical placements
  • Borrowing laptops
  • Writing final exams
  • Signing out recreational equipment
  • Getting a locker

How do you get a UCQ student ID card?

  • New students receive their ID card during orientation

Lost or damaged card?

  • You must request a new card at the front reception
  • Replacement cards cost 75QR

For information on how to use your student centre, including how to print unofficial transcripts and check registration, visit

  • Textbooks are available from the bookstore (room G49) at the start of each semester
  • Opening hours will be posted outside of the bookstore

More information regarding textbooks and the bookstore is available here.

How do you get a locker?

  • Visit the front reception desk
  • Bring your UCQ student ID card


  • Only one locker per student
  • You may keep your locker for the duration of the academic year (September – June)
  • You must vacate your locker and return your locker key to the front reception desk at the end of the academic year
  • If the locker is damaged or the key is lost or not returned by the end of the academic year, a 100 QR penalty will be charged to your student fees and a hold will be placed on your student account until the key is returned or the penalty paid
  • UCQ is not responsible for locker contents

All locker tenants are solely responsible for their own property. UCQ is not responsible for lost or stolen items at any time during or after the rental period. Any acts of vandalism will be reported to Campus Security or Reception.

See more detailed information about lockers here.

  • Wireless internet is available on campus
  • Visit the IT department in G38 for help connecting your laptop or PDA/Smartphone
  • Students driving personal vehicles to campus and parking on site will be issued vehicle parking passes for the year
    • Those students who are dropped off by drivers or family will not require a pass
    • Passes are issued by the Health Safety and Security Office and Security Supervisor and can be picked up at the main security desk in the reception area
  • Students are expected to park safely in designated parking spots
  • Students parking unlawfully or in a dangerous manner will be requested to move their vehicle
  • Students found to be repeat offenders of the parking program will be directed to the Health Safety and Security Advisor, and Student Services representative.
  • A student with repeat violations, may face disciplinary actions as outlined in the non-academic misconduct policy
  • The campus parking lot entry gate is supervised by a security guard 24 hours a day
  • Students are expected to listen to direction given by security personnel on parking requirements
  • Students should not park in designated “handicapped” parking spaces
  • Students with issued medical certificates can register with Health Safety and Security Office and will be allowed to utilize the handicap parking space as needed
  • Do not park or have your driver wait in the fire lane for any length of time, instead use a parking space and pull up only when a student is at the front ready for pick-up

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