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IRISS (Ethics)

The Institutional Research Information Services Solution (IRISS) is an online program implemented to connect University of Calgary researchers with Research Services. IRISS also provides consistency and compliance for audit reporting, regulatory bodies and funding agencies. The service offers a convenient, secure, online process to streamline and modernize research certification application processes. IRISS aims to reduce process time and will alert researchers of potential compliance issues.

Accessing IRISS

You can access IRISS by visiting the following website,

Why is the University of Calgary Switching to IRISS?

IRISS has many benefits: it is accessible, secure and paperless. Building on the success of peer institutions, specifically the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary worked with an industry leader in providing solutions for the business of research to modernize our system. IRISS will reduce the administrative work load for applying for ethics certification, support efficiencies for the review committees, and ensure institutional compliance with Tri Council guidelines.

IRISS Resources

Please find below a list of links to resources that will help you with the new IRISS system:

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